About Us


ROE caviar is an American white sturgeon caviar stylishly packaged to be as visually appealing as it is delectable. Artfully presented in a gold-rimmed black tin within a timeless wood box, the single-origin caviar offers enthusiasts a fresh way to experience one of life’s great luxuries. No longer reserved for New Year’s Eve and weddings, ROE is caviar for the people, meant to be enjoyed generously and at any time -- whether served straight by the spoonful, on a potato chip or atop a spiral of pasta al dente.

Harvested from a Northern Californian farm, ROE caviar is salted for one month to ensure freshness, while simultaneously enhancing and enriching its flavor. The end result is a caviar that is exceptionally fresh with buttery, briny and nutty undertones.

ROE continues to demystify the caviar experience, building on its dedicated fan base since the 2015 seasonal holiday debut, while preserving the core ethos behind the company: to make caviar fun, modern and accessible to all, 365 days/year.

We believe caviar is best when shared. Enjoy it as we do, generously.