How do I enjoy ROE caviar?

Preferences vary from first-time tasters to caviar connoisseurs. Visit ROE Recipes to find out how to add a little luxury to quick and easy dishes. In order to enjoy the pure taste of the caviar, we recommend pairing it with avocado, plain crackers, or slightly toasted bread. Some prefer to try pairings of egg, sour cream, or crème fraîche. Popular tasting accompaniments also include a dry champagne or chilled vodka.

What is the difference between American and imported caviar?

There are 26 different species of sturgeon found all over the world, and only a handful of them are harvested for caviar and they each have their own distinct characteristics. Until recently, imported caviar most likely meant it came from the Caspian Sea, Black Sea or the rivers of Siberia or China, and has always been thought of as more prestigious than domestic caviar. Today, with the emergence of sturgeon aquaculture farms, farmed imported caviar comes from France, Germany, Italy, Uruguay and Israel. In the last decade, American caviar is winning the praise of caviar connoisseurs. At the turn of the 20th Century America was the leading producer of the world’s caviar. Overfishing lead to an indefinite ban on wild caviar production and it was not until the success of white sturgeon aquaculture in the 70’s that quality domestic caviar was once again a possibility. In addition, native to the U.S., hackleback and paddlefish, the distant cousins of sturgeon, produces what is considered by many to be premium caviar and comparable to imported varieties.

What is the difference between farmed and wild caviar?

The most important difference between farm raised and wild caviar is that caviar that is farm raised is a sustainable option to wild in that it and reduces strain on wild sturgeon populations. Today the situation in the Caspian Sea is dire and some scientists have predicted that if over-fishing and pollution of the sturgeon’s natural habitat are not curtailed, the sturgeon faces extinction. Farmed caviar is not only better for the sturgeon species but it is also better for you as most farmed caviar is harvested in fresh water sources, as opposed to polluted oceans and rivers. As a result, the flavor profiles of farmed caviar can be milder due to a number of controlled factors such as water source, feed, farm and production techniques.

What are the health benefits of caviar?

Caviar is a highly concentrated source of nutrients. One serving of caviar has an adult’s daily requirement of Vitamin B12. It is a great source of protein and has high levels of vitamins A, E, B6, Iron, Magnesium and Selenium. These nutrients have proven to benefit healthy nervous, circulatory and immune systems as well as combat cancer and heart disease. In addition, it is great for your skin. Many cosmetic companies are using caviar oils in face creams and cleansers to improve skin’s texture and elasticity.

How should caviar be stored?

Caviar is an elegant yet simple delicacy; however, proper care is required in order to preserve the natural, fresh flavors. An unopened tin will stay fresh for up to six weeks. However, once a tin of caviar is opened and exposed to air, the caviar will remain fresh for only three days. The ideal storage temperature is between 28 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Because most household refrigerators will not reach this temperature, we recommend utilizing the bottom drawer or shelf where the temperature is lowest. Caviar should never be frozen, so we suggest enjoying it soon.

How will your order stay fresh during shipping?

Our refrigeration keeps your caviar at the lowest possible temperature without freezing. Your Item(s) are packed to order so you’re sure to get the freshest product we have in stock. Our custom packaging will keep your perishable item(s) fresh for more than 48 hours, even though your order will ship overnight. Buy with confidence, we use FedEx’s special PeriShip service, the leading service for perishable delivery. You will get a FedEx live tracking link as soon as you order leaves our building. In case of extreme weather, our dedicated team will work with FedEx to re-route your package. Your shipment is monitored by our customer service all the way to your doorstep!

Does ROE ship on national holidays?

No. We cannot deliver packages on the following holidays or the day thereafter: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. NEW YEARS DAY, MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY, PRESIDENTS DAY, MEMORIAL DAY, INDEPENDENCE DAY, LABOR DAY, COLUMBUS DAY, VETERANS DAY, THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS EVE, CHRISTMAS DAY, NEW YEARS EVE.

What are the delivery days?

Tuesday to Friday. Saturday delivery is available for an additional fee. We do not ship on Mondays to prevent our caviar from sitting in transit on Sundays.

Will ROE ship to a PO Box?

No. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

Can ROE ship to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico?

Yes, however in certain zip codes packages will not deliver within 24 hours.

Does ROE require someone to sign for the package at delivery?

No, but we do require a person to receive the package. Packages will not be left at the door step. Should there be no one to receive the package, FedEx will keep the package and a representative will be in contact with you for re-delivery.

How can your ROE order be tracked?

You will receive a tracking link within minutes of FedEx pick up from our offices. If you live in Los Angeles, we deliver with our own couriers and we know where your package is at all times.