Caviar Grilled Cheese

By Celeste Perez

Made with melted gruyère and two types of cheddar: white and sharp. Don't forget to butter your bread on both sides for perfectly crisp crusts that taste delicious with our white sturgeon caviar.


1 loaf Sourdough or French Bread

8 oz Gruyere Cheese

8 oz Sharp Cheddar

8 oz White Cheddar

1 tbsp Butter


1. Heat skillet or grill to medium heat. Slice loaf.

2. Butter both sides of each piece of bread and place down into hot pan.

3. Slice cheese thinly, then layer onto bread as desired.

4. Place another slice of bread atop the cheese layers. Allow cheese to melt for a few minutes. Depending on your skillet, this process could take about 5-10 minutes.

5. Once cheese has started to melt, flip sandwich to brown the top.

6. Garnish with 30 grams of ROE Caviar.