Deviled Eggs

By Celeste Perez

Skip the salt and top with ROE Caviar. Beautiful and easy to make, these deviled eggs are the perfect staple for any host or hostess.

ROE Caviar Deviled Eggs

30 grams of ROE Caviar garnishes 20-24 servings.


1 doz eggs, hard boiled for 12-13 minutes

2 tbsp yellow mustard

1/2 c mayonnaise


1. Using a sharp knife, cut eggs in half and place yolks into a bowl or blender. Arrange egg whites on a platter.

2. Add mayonnaise and mustard to blender. Blend until smooth. 

3. Spoon yolk mixture into pastry bag and carefully pipe into empty halves.

4. Top with preferred spices, then add a generous dollop of ROE Caviar.